HUAWEI P40 – Dual Boot OS & Penta Cameras!? – هواوي

The Huawei p40 range are reportdely coming with a dual boot OS & a penta cameras system!

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The huawei p40 range have always been popular due to their impressive photography and the huawei p40 is set to be no different. New reports are suggesting the huawei p40 will have a dual boot OS and the huawei p40 pro will contain 5 cameras! Today we go over the specs, price & launch of the huawei p40 along with an unboxing and hands on video

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  1. Great review TT.
    I Love the look of it but still No Google 😞
    Can't there be way to get other apps in through 3 party, like the Firestick?
    Another thing is, what provider would connect here in the USA?
    They are great phones.

  2. there is no real need for a fith camera that is the thing. and now huawei is fucked because they only added a camera every year and now they can't or only can without any benefit. Explanation
    1) Main camera: obviously needed for everything
    2) ultrawide: needed for wider shots but can also doubles as macro lence because of the focal length (huawei's ultrawide can focus on objects 2,5cm away wich is the same or better as the "dedicated macro cams" that are actually just depth sensors
    3) telephoto: obviously needed for zoomed in shots but also doubles as more precise depth sensor than any 2MP/5MP unit out there (the big OEMs do bokeh like that)
    4) ToF: just as a better depth sensor but isn't needed all that much because AI software does a great job for bokeh without it and AR is a bit down the line in the future

    possible add-ons: macro lens (not practival because UW can do it), depth sensor (not needed because telephoto/ToF), B/W sensor (not practical because huawei admitted it doesn't add a real benefit) so what are they going to do?

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